Tips for Choosing Family Photographers in Miami

There are a lot of family photographers in Miami. You can easily get overwhelmed with the number and the options that you have. How do you choose the right one for your family portrait? We have some tips for you so that your selection for the best one will be much easier. Let’s begin!

Ask Your Friends for Referrals

One of the best ways to get a great photographer is to ask around. Ask your friends who took their family photos. This is a good start for your quest. Your friends will have an honest opinion about the photographers that they’ve hired. They’ll be able to tell you if he or she was easy to work with, if the pricing is affordable, and if the final product is outstanding.

You Have to be Comfortable with the Photographer

If you’ve gotten a number of names from friends, it’s time to set an appointment to just discuss with them your needs. Talk to them about what you envision for your family photo. This is a good way to gauge if

you and the photographer will click. More than skill, it’s also a matter of personality and character. A good photographer will be able to get the family in the mood for some photoshoot. He or she should also have that energy to get everyone excited. Ask as many questions as you want to the photographer including the schedule, the fees, and other things that you need to prepare for the photoshoot.

Check their Portfolios and Galleries

An experienced photographer is ideally a good candidate. Look at their portfolios so you can get a feel of their style. Is it something that matches with your family’s? Is it too formal when you’re looking for something fun and quirky? Or is it the other way around? These are things that you have to think about. Also, look at the variety of styles that the photographer is using. He or she should be a versatile photographer who can bring out the uniqueness of your family in the photos.

Talk about the Price

The best family photographers in Miami doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive ones. Let’s go back to the tip above. You have to be comfortable with the photographer. And this includes talking about the fees. Don’t be embarrassed to ask about it because you’ll be paying good money for their services. If you’ve found a photographer but it’s a bit above budget, ask for a discount or ask if you can make some adjustments to the package so that the price can fit in the budget that you’ve set. You’ll never know unless you ask.


Now you’re ready to start looking for great family photographers in Miami. Hopefully, these tips will make it much easier for you to select the perfect candidate. He or she should be able to direct the group during the photoshoot. But also remember to have fun during the photoshoot and just be natural. You would want the photographer to capture your family’s unique characteristics.

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